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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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We had and amazing time with these two adorable love birds in their engagement session in White Rock Lake, Dallas Texas.  They were so much fun to work with! View the gorgeous, loving pictures below!

White Rock Lake Engagement Session

We can’t stop thinking about how cute Amelia and Jake are! It almost felt like photographing models because they were so easy to photograph.  They are just so adorable and have such great chemistry together. Each part of their session at White Rock Lake was even better as we went through the evening and their pictures make us so happy.

Adding to this, White Rock Lake made such a great backdrop for their engagement session. We first started by some greenery. Then we had to get some pictures by the dock in order to capture the water of White Rock Lake. We finished the session with some gorgeous field pictures, and then had them have some fun looking through the binoculars and walking by the lake.

Their Love Story

The way these two met sounds like it came out of a movie.  Amelia (literally) ran into Jake one Sunday morning jogging on the Katy Trail. It was extremely crowded and in her defense, he stopped right in front of her, but it also makes a lot more sense when you know how clumsy Amelia claims she is. Luckily neither of them fell down, but it was extremely embarrassing and she apologized about 8 times before he responded with “It’s okay, but I think you owe me a drink now”. Slick guy! They exchanged numbers and went to dinner two nights later and that’s when their love story began.

Their first date was at a local Mexican restaurant, Tacos and Tequila two days after they met. They clicked instantly and went upstairs to the rooftop bar for drinks after dinner because neither of them wanted the night to end. They talked for hours and didn’t leave until the restaurant/bar closed. They both claim that it was hands down, best first date ever!

The Proposal

They both love to travel and have taken several trips together, so Amelia wasn’t surprised when he suggested a trip last summer to one of her favorite places in the world – Napa. On the first morning after arriving, they had a private driver and started out a full day of winery hopping at Inglenook (one of Amelia’s favorites). After a tour and fancy tasting in the basement with one other couple, they went out front to take pictures. Amelia had no idea what was about to happen and was getting ready to pose for the camera, when Jake turned to her and told her he loved her as he got down on one knee. That’s all he could say before they both burst into happy tears.

Apparently Jake had discreetly told the other couple what he was about to do, because when she asked them to take a picture of them in front of the gorgeous ivy building they snapped away and captured the whole thing. She thought the big surprise was over, but was even more shocked when they walked into dinner that night and both of her parents were sitting at the table waiting to celebrate with them. He had secretly arranged for both of them to fly in for the weekend too, and Amelia had absolutely no idea. Cue more happy tears and a magical weekend filled with love and wine.

Their Love

When we asked each other them about the process of getting to know each other was, they both stated, “The easiest thing I’ve ever done.” They did not know they both said the same thing, which is definitely a sign of how they are meant to be. We are so happy to be able to capture such an important part of these two’s love story! They are such a sweet couple that are both truly in love. Their engagement session at White Rock Lake was so fun, and we know their wedding is going to be amazing! We can’t wait to capture their big day at the City Club in Fort Worth in November!

Photographer: The Lockharts

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