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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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Leslie and Michael are two of the sweetest people and their engagement session  at the Dallas Arboretum and White rock Lake was such a joy to capture. View their story and pictures below:

Engagement at the Dallas Arboretum

We love any opportunity we get to be at the Dallas Arboretum. The florals are so pretty and it such a calming place to be. We were so excited when Leslie and Michael chose the Dallas Arboretum as a location for their engagement session. We started at one of our favorite locations, the Women’s Garden in the Dallas Arboretum, and it never fails with its breath taking views. Leslie and Michael were so sweet as they walked through the garden, and their pictures came out amazing. After this, we walked throughout the Garden and had fun twirling and breaking the ice with these two.  After taking pictures at the Dallas Arboretum, we went over to White Rock Lake to conclude the session with some more greenery and water views. We loved every minute of it, and truly enjoyed seeing Leslie and Michael’s love.

Leslie + Michale’s Love Story

It all started January 15, 2017, the Cowboys were in the playoffs, and had just lost to the Packers. Michael was devastated by the defeat, however, he decided to go ahead and join his family and friends in his living room where they were playing family feud. Meanwhile, Leslie had been invited by a few friends to a house gathering. She was not sure whether to attend or not, but with so many invitations something told her that she should go. When Leslie walked into the gathering, she found before her a group of friends playing family feud. Little did they know that their lives would forever change that night. 

Michael and Leslie had an instant connection. Leslie loved Michael’s charm and confidence. His sweet smile coupled with his impressive biceps caught her eye. But it was his warmth, sweetness, generosity, sense of humor, and passion that won her heart. Michael was instantly drawn by Leslie’s pretty smile and kind nature. He sensed that she was different (in a good way of course). He made sure to ask for her phone number that same night and planned to hang out that same week!Michael asked Leslie to watch a movie at their mutual friend Daniella’s house the Wednesday after they met. Leslie was a little hesitant to accept, but figured, why not? Since that day, Michael and Leslie saw each other every single weekend without fail.

The Proposal

On December 6, 2018, Michael took Leslie to a beautiful waterfall in Washington state. There, he got on one knee and asked Leslie to marry him. Without hesitation she said yes! He then took her to lunch at a nearby German town and the next day they went skiing and snowboarding to a nearby ski resort.

The Couple + Dallas Arboretum

When we asked Leslie how was getting to know Michael, she replied, “It was a beautiful journey. Michael really brought out the best in me. I love his outgoing personality. He always made me laugh and never ceased to amaze me with his wit.” Adding to this, Michael’s response was, “It was amazing!!!! She is gorgeous, personality was great, and she was the sweetest little thing,” They are truly the sweetest people and documenting their engagement at the Dallas Arboretum was absolutely amazing. We can’t wait their wedding at the Omni Hotel in October!

Photographer: The Lockharts