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White Rock Lake Engagement Session

We has such a great time with Paige and Daniel during their engagement session at White Rock Lake. They are just the sweetest people who are genuinely and truly in love with each other. While many people are barely awake at 8:00 am, these two were ready to go and have fun during their sunrise session. We love it when our couples are willing to wake early for a beautiful session.

First, we started at the park, then went towards the dock for some fun shots. Lastly, we concluded the session by going to the bench where Daniel proposed, and our hearts were so happy that we were able to add such an important piece of their love story to the session. It is so evident that they are madly in love, and we are so blessed to be able to document their day. We consider ourselves so fortunate to get to know amazing couples like Paige and Daniel. Here are a few photos from their engagement, make sure to read about their love story below:

Daniel + Paige’s Love Story

Daniel and Paige both grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. They went to the same high school and the same church growing up. After graduating, they both headed off to Baylor University in Waco and attended the same church there as well. Then, they both moved to Dallas and began attending the same church here in Dallas as well. However, throughout all of these instances, they never knew each other! Last February, they matched on a dating app and began texting. After realizing all of these connections, it did not take long for them to realize that they needed to meet!

Their very first date was to True Food for dinner. Since they met on a dating app, this was the first time they had ever met each other. Daniel had decided that if it was going well, they would go to Sprinkles to get cupcakes for dessert (and they did!). However, Paige felt too weird about dating someone she didn’t even know. So, she told Daniel that she wanted to be friends.

They hung out as friends a few times and Paige began to see more of Daniel’s character. The more she got to know him, the more God opened her eyes to what an amazing man Daniel is! One night when they were hanging out, Daniel told her again that he wanted to pursue her as more than just friends, so that is when they decided to begin their relationship. The rest is history!

The Proposal

They spent a lot of time at White Rock Lake and have a bench that they will always go to on nice days. We were able to take pictures at this bench! Some of their biggest conversations have happened on that bench. That is where they told each other their testimonies, where they talked about the possibility of a future together, and where they were driving away from when Daniel told Paige he loved her for the first time.

In December, there was a beautiful Sunday afternoon amidst a lot of cold weather, so they decided to go to their bench to enjoy the one nice day in the winter! As they were sitting on their bench, Daniel began talking about all of the memories they had there and mentioned that he was ready to have another memory at their spot. Then, he got down on one knee and asked Paige to marry him! It was such a surprise and Paige was thrilled! It was even more fun because Daniel had not planned on proposing for a couple more weeks, so they got to call and surprise all of their families as well.

Their Love

Paige told us, “Getting to know Daniel was the most fun thing! He is hilarious, kind, and so very thoughtful. Dating him was always an adventure, and he was very good at affirming me and letting me know where our relationship was at each step. I loved getting to meet his family, travel with him, and get to know each other more deeply each time we hung out.”

Adding to this Daniel says, “Getting to know Paige was wonderful. I was blown away by her patience, kindness, and love for others. From seeing her willingness to help any random stranger to the way she pours into her friends. I was overwhelmed with her selflessness. Through our openness and honesty with each other, we moved into and deeply in love the more we were together”. We absolutely love the love these two have, and are so excited for their wedding at the Springs in June! They are such a joy. Hope you love their pictures at White Rock Lake, as much as we do!