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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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Sonya and Isaac’s Springs Event Venue wedding is super touching, and loving. Their expressions say it all. Watch the video here!

The Couple

Sonya and Isaac are such a down to earth couple, and watching them get married was so heart-filling. The expression on Isaac’s face as she walked down the aisle, the smile on Sonya’s face the entire time, and the pouring of love the entire day made this day unforgettable. When we asked Sonya and Isaac to describe their love story prior to the wedding, they each said that they love how laid back the other was, and that they truly feel like they could be themselves around each other. This was nonetheless the case during their special day. They were goofy, and laughed, and joked around each other. It was evident that they were mean to be, and are such a sweet match.

The Springs Event Venue Wedding

The Springs Event Venue’s backdrop for this wedding was just gorgeous. These two were married under the sun in a beautiful pergola. First, they started with fun and sweet words from the officiant. After this, they exchanged vows and then rings. Lastly, they tied the knot (literally) and then sealed it all with a kiss. This ceremony truly celebrated their love, and had everyone in water works.

After the ceremony, when guests went in to the reception in the Springs Event Venue’s indoor building, everything was perfect. Each detail during the wedding was lovely, rustic, and elegant, which matched the location. We loved that all the decor was sweet and simple just like Sonya and Isaac. Our favorite part was the bible where guest highlighted a bible verse for them when they came in. This is truly a gift for them that I am sure they will always treasure.

The Party

After their bridal party shared beautiful words of the couple, everyone was on the dance floor having fun. They danced to a mix of country and contemporary music, and it was clear that there was fun for everyone. Later, the night ended with a sweet balloon send off of the couple to their honeymoon. We wish Sonya and Isaac the best in their new life together! We hope you can enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed being there.


Venue: The Springs Venue at Denton

Photography: The Lockharts

Videography: The Lockharts

Cupcakes: Gigis Cupcakes

Entertainment: All Access dj

Dress: Mori Lee