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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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This Dumbo engagement session is everything an engagement session should be. It is sweet, adventurous and loving! Click here and view this love story!


Dumbo Engagement Session

Julia and Ryan are such a kind, spirited couple! We had so much fun in their engagement session as they are just naturally sweet and exciting in front of the camera. We love it when couples can be themselves in front of the lens, and this always something we strive for. It was so sweet to see them have a great time at Jane’s carousel. It was even sweeter seeing them not be shy to dance barefoot in the shore of the water during their Dumbo engagement session. We loved it when Ryan took out his shades and hat, and had a sweet silly moment on camera. This is what we live for, and capturing it seriously makes our hearts happy!

The Couple

Getting to know our couples is always the sweetest, and Julia and Ryan are just lovely. Julia and Ryan’s love story began at a low-key bar, during Julia’s senior year in college. Ryan came up to her with a “corny pick up line” and they ended up talking the night away. On their first date, Ryan picked up Julia for a bite to eat, and the rest is history.

Ryan’s lovely words on how he fell for her seriously captured our hearts. Ryan said,“I had a hard time believing that she was really who she was. She was too perfectly sweet, fun, adventurous, social, and beautiful. With time I began to understand it was all real and I knew it would be a matter of time before we tied the knot.” After talking to Julia, she explained that it was so easy and exciting to be herself around Ryan. Julia said, “I felt like I knew the amazing man and person he is after the first week of knowing him.

The Engagement

It all happened in central park, it was the first snow fall of the year and it all felt like a winter wonderland dream. Ryan and Julia’s sister pre-planted little plastic frogs in the snow, creating a pathway down the central park promenade. Ryan asked her to follow the frogs that eventually led Julia to a stuffed animal frog, Ryan had bought for her years ago. Attached to the frog was a beautifully written letter in a scroll. Just as Julia’s tears began to drop on the letter, he was already on one knee asking her to marry him. She was in such disbelief that she didn’t even realize the huge circle of people that surrounded them  and clapping.

This engagement is one of fairytales! While this Dumbo engagement session was not in the snow, it takes place during the beautiful summer of Brooklyn NYC, and definitely shows off this exciting love story. We are so excited to capture their day and happily ever after. We hope you enjoy all the sweet pictures from their engagement session.

Venue: Dumbo, NYC

Photographer: The Lockharts