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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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We’re loving all these sweet raw moments captured at Katharine and Vinny’s wedding on the View on the Hudson. View this breath taking wedding here!


The Couple

Capturing Katharine and Vinny’s day was so fun and sweet! From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, everyone was having a good time, which made us have a good time every step of the way. Let us start out by saying how utterly amazing these two are as a couple and individuals. They were both so sweet and kind to us from the moment we met them. During their day, we felt like we were photographing two good friends. As their day proceeded and they said their vows, and their friends and family said toasts, these characteristics of them were said over and over again. They are two amazing people who fell in love and will have a great marriage.

The Bridal Prep

First, when we arrived to the bridal prep, which was about 10 minutes away from the View on the Hudson, we came to a beautiful cottage style house. We adored how cute it was, and couldn’t wait to start photographing Katharine’s prep in there. The cute little house did not disappoint! The lighting was just oh so perfect and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. In addition to this, Katharine, her bridal party, and family were so fun and helpful. We kept joking the entire day that maybe they should work as a professional bridal party. The moments before the wedding were filled with love, laughs, and a few tears. It was such a joy to capture these raw moment’s.

The Groom Prep

Meanwhile, at the groom’s hotel, Vinny and his guys had fun and relaxed before the big moment. There were clearly jitters in the room, but it was nice to be able to take Vinny out of it, and get those quiet moments before the ceremony. While the day was filled with a lot of joking between the guys, it was so evident that Vinny could not be more stoked to call Katharine his wife.

The First Look

After the prep, we headed to the first look, which was about 5 minutes away from the View on the Hudson. Oh moments like these are our favorites. The anticipation from both of them as they are seconds away from seeing each other is priceless. Then, when they finally see each other their reactions are just so sweet and loving. These pictures are so heartfelt and dear to us.

The Ceremony on the View on the Hudson

Following the first look we headed to the ceremony outdoors on the View on the Hudson. This ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, as it out looked the Hudson River. It was such a beautiful summer day and the view here was just spectacular. During their ceremony they said their vows, which were so genuine and had everyone in tears. Seriously, we were almost crying! This ceremony was so loving and joyful. We loved capturing these moments.

The Reception on the View on the Hudson

After the ceremony guests headed indoors to the reception, and even indoors the View on the Hudson lives up to its name. The reception space has big windows showcasing the same spectacular view from the ceremony. In addition to this, the reception place was decorated beautifully and elegant. Each table had accents of white and gold, with acrylic gold table numbers, and personalized menu cards. In addition the florals provided by Arcadia Floral Co were gorgeous arrangements of muted colors that added the perfect amount of beauty and elegance to this already gorgeous venue.

While the place was most definitely beautiful, the party was also lively and lots of fun. Studio 21 entertainment had everyone dancing on the dance floor from the moment they opened it up, to the moment the reception ended. Everyone, including the bride and groom had fun. We are so blessed to capture moments like these, and we hope you can see and feel how amazing this wedding was from the pictures above. If you want to see more, go and see their wedding film (here).


Venue: View on the Hudson

Photography: The Lockharts

Cinematography: The Lockharts

Florals: Arcadia Florals

Cake: GMK Cakes

Entertainment: Studio 27

Dress: Wedding Atelier