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-Luis + Michelle

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White Rock Lake Dallas Engagement

Caitlin and Justin are just two cute to be true! Their engagement session at White Rock Lake was so sweet, despite the possible forecast of rain. Thankfully there was no rain and their pictures are absolutely stunning. View their pictures below:

Their love is so genuine and speaks for itself in these pictures. We seriously cannot get enough of them.  They had fun, and were relaxed the entire time. At White rock Lake, we started with some greenery and pathways, then made our way to the docks. After that, we went to the bridge, and finished out by the wild flower fields. This is personally one our favorite places in White Rock Lake during mid spring. Everything was so perfect and it was such an amazing time.

Their Love Story

Caitlin and Justin met through two mutual friends.  One of Caitlin’s best friends is dating one of his best friends. Somehow, they managed not to meet until senior year of college, despite a large amount of mutual friends. Eventually, they met during Caitlin’s last semester of college at a Razorback’s game day party. The group went out to eat pizza after a loss and Justin and her happened to sit next to each other. They connected super well and their conversation flowed very easily.

Afterwards, they hung out a few more times in a group setting that semester. In November, Caitlin’s friend Katie was around Justin, while Caitlin was not there. She cornered him in front of a big group of people and goes, “So McFadden, Caitlin???” Justin felt super uncomfortable but it was a great story to hear. Afterwards, Justin and his roommates held a Christmas Party at their apartment and that’s when the relationship blossomed to more than friendship.  Eventually, they hung out a few more times that week as Caitlin distracted him from studying for finals by bringing him candy.

Their first official “date” was the morning of Caitlin’s graduation.  They went to a super cute breakfast spot in Fayetteville called “The Farmers Table.” Caitlin wanted to invite him to come to eat after her graduation that evening, but thought it might scare him if she had him meet her parents after about a week. He did actually meet her parents two weeks later because he came to stay at her house for New Years. She was leaving to go work at Disney World in two weeks, so they were starting off long distance right away. However, they managed to see each other once a month while she was away!

The Proposal

Justin proposed in September 2018 at Mount Sequoyah, which is a small “mountain” with a big cross that has a view overlooking Fayetteville and the U of A campus. Caitlin and Justin were in town for the weekend for a Razorback tailgate they had planned with all of their friends. They were out getting drinks Friday night with some of those friends and he said they needed to go see his sister. So they left dinner and got in the car to head to his sisters place. He was taking a different route than she thought he should, and then when they approached the turn to MT Sequoyah, he was like “Hey we haven’t been there in forever we should go check it out.”

At this point Caitlin got pretty suspicious. They walked out to the overlook and he proposed there, at sunset. After a few minutes, all of their friends popped out of some bushes across the way with Champagne and showing off the pictures they had taken. Next, Justin told Caitlin that her parents were in town and were waiting at a local restaurant for an engagement party. It was such a huge surprise and such a sweet gesture. They had a great night. Afterwards, they celebrated all weekend with the tailgate and the Razorbacks lots again.

Getting to Know Him

When we asked Caitlin, how was getting to know Justin, she responded by saying, “From the beginning we clicked super easily. Conversation always flowed super well and we just fit. Justin is funny, loves to have a good time, and spontaneous but also caring, respectful, a thoughtful planner, and reliable. We fit together so effortlessly. However, I am not going to lie, starting our relationship with 2,000 mile long distance for 5 months was not easy.”

She continued by saying ” I am grateful we got to see each other as much as we did, but it definitely made making a deeper connection challenging. I am so grateful that we made it through and it made us so much stronger in the long run. We also came out with amazing memories from that semester. His Military Ball, last fraternity formal, spring break in Gulf Shores and him visiting me in Disney World are amazing memories I will always cherish.

Getting to Know Her

When asked how was getting to know her, Justin responded with, “From the moment I met Caitlin I was completely taken by her. Every time we would meet intermittently I was falling completely over myself trying to impress her. Once I knew the feelings were reciprocated we spent much time together. It was truly unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced”.

The Couple and White Rock Lake

Caitlin and Justin are truly and madly in love. As their engagement session developed at White Rock Lake, you could easily noticed that they are both close friends, and have a lot of care for each other. Not only is their laughter contagious, but their love makes us smile. We had so much fun at White Rock Lake, and cannot wait for their wedding in October in the Nest at Ruth Farms!

Photography: The Lockharts