New York Botanical Garden Engagement Session | Valerie + Peter

Valerie and Peter lovely late spring New York Botanical Garden engagement session is now on the blog. Check it out!




Besides having a gorgeous New York Botanical Garden engagement session, they are completely adorable; their personalities complement each other fantastically. Valerie and Peter met at the age of 12. They met while she was organizing her birthday party and it was “crush” at first sight. As the years passed, they became best friends and finally took their simple crush to a formal relationship at 18. Since then, they have not looked back.  This is what Valerie told us about him, “Growing up as best friends was an amazing feeling. He was funny, kind, patient, and loving, which were all the qualities that I loved about him. Falling in love with him was the best part of all.”  By now you might be wondering what he said about her? This is what he said about her “It was by far the best experience ever. We’ve spent so long as best friends to the point where we already knew everything about each other and we were so comfortable around each other too. I was always happy to just have her by my side. Every day I looked forward to seeing her and hanging out with her and got really disappointed whenever I didn’t.”

If you are now wondering how they arrived to this point where they are having a beautiful New York Botanical Garden Engagement Session, this is how they described that it all happened. “Peter proposed in our church called House of Healing. The way it went down was that he had gotten our pastor to call me to the front of the church to make it seem like he was going to pray over me. While I was in the front of the church, my back was facing the people so I wasn’t able to see anything. While I was like this, Peter silently made his way behind me and then got down on one knee. After some more words from the pastor, he eventually turned me around and there I found Peter on his knee ready to pop the question. It was really special because the pastors were involved and they are one of the most important figures in both of our lives.” We are so excited for them because they are clearly meant to be with each other.



The beautiful New York Botanical Garden added on to the gorgeousness of this session. We have done several sessions at the New York Botanical Garden and its breathtaking sceneries are incomparable and never cease to impress us.