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As Dallas wedding photographers and New York City Wedding photographers we get to experience different practices and perspectives about weddings between both markets. One of the most discussed topics now a days is the bridal session. Many brides do not know about them up until the time they are planning their own wedding. This is why today we will navigate on this topic to give you a better idea on what it is.

Dallas Wedding Photographers | The Lumen Room | Top reasons to have a bridal session.

The History about Bridals

The bridal sessions originated in Europe. At that time there were no cameras therefore brides used to go to the artist studio to get a painting on their full bridal gown. These paintings used to be commissioned by the bride’s family. The family used to order these paintings to commemorate this joyous celebration of unity. Families kept these portraits in display at home for the future generations to see.

It is not completely certain how this European tradition gained popularity in the southern states. However, it is certain that bridal sessions have gained big popularity in the wedding industry in the last few years.

Dallas Wedding Photographers | The Lumen Room | The Importance of a Bridal Session

Three reasons why you should schedule a bridal session.

  • Connecting with your photographer: After all, photographers spend the vast majority of the time with you during your wedding. Having this session will ensure that you get to know your photographer and he/she will get to know you too. Moreover, we believe that this can be a great ice breaking session and allows for the bride to get comfortable behind the camera. Finally, this will allow for a better time efficiency during the wedding day.
  • Sneak peek:  The bridal session is the one opportunity where you can wear your entire outfit and examine what you love and what you might want to change before your wedding day. In addition, you can schedule your hair and makeup trial this day. This will help you to have a visual representation of how they will complement each of the accessories that you have selected for your wedding day.
  • Explore your venue or other ideal locations: There are not rules on where you should have your bridal session. This is the time to be creative and explore all the options you want. Many brides choose to use their venue as the main location. Others decide on doing their bridals at a natural light studio like The Lumen Room which we love. Finally, both options are great and each have amazing benefits therefore it is definitely up to you to decide on the perfect location.
Dallas Wedding Photographers | The Lumen Room | Why should I have a bridal session