Stonebridge Country Club Wedding| Long Island Wedding Photographer | Jackie + Rafael

This gorgeous Stonebridge Country Club wedding will have you head over heels.jackie-rafael-_-wedding-001jackie-rafael-_-wedding-002jackie-rafael-_-wedding-003jackie-rafael-_-wedding-004jackie-rafael-_-wedding-005jackie-rafael-_-wedding-008jackie-rafael-_-wedding-009jackie-rafael-_-wedding-011jackie-rafael-_-wedding-012jackie-rafael-_-wedding-013jackie-rafael-_-wedding-014jackie-rafael-_-wedding-015jackie-rafael-_-wedding-016jackie-rafael-_-wedding-017jackie-rafael-_-wedding-018jackie-rafael-_-wedding-019jackie-rafael-_-wedding-020jackie-rafael-_-wedding-021jackie-rafael-_-wedding-022jackie-rafael-_-wedding-023jackie-rafael-_-wedding-024jackie-rafael-_-wedding-025jackie-rafael-_-wedding-026jackie-rafael-_-wedding-027jackie-rafael-_-wedding-028jackie-rafael-_-wedding-029jackie-rafael-_-wedding-031jackie-rafael-_-wedding-032


The Bride and Groom:

This was a beautiful Stonebridge Country Club wedding with a gorgeous and sweet couple! Jacky and Rafael are just pouring with sweetness and their love could be seen and felt from a mile away. When we first talked to this couple, it was evident that their love was centered on Christ and that they were head over heels for each other. They expressed how their love was something that began in church, and how they will forever hold their home church in their hearts. Thus, it was fitting to have a wedding in their home church, surrounded by all their family and friends who saw their love bloom. Their love, their faith, and details, made this wedding ever so perfect. We enjoyed every second of their beautiful ceremony that was truly filled with whole-hearted worship. As such a Christ-centered couple, we knew that this ceremony was truly fitting to who they were as a couple. It was truly something beautiful to capture.

Stonebridge Country Club Wedding

Yes, this couple and their guests were truly a joy to capture, but we cannot say enough about the wedding details and the venue. Jacky and Rafael made sure that every detail was stunning. The Stonebridge Country Club was truly a gorgeous location for Jacky and Rafael’s wedding. The colors of biscotti, wine, pink, and navy blue helped create a romantic atmosphere. In addition, Jacky’s ethereal gown from Massapequa was absolutely stunning, and was complimented by her relaxed up-do. She was truly a stunning bride. Every detail in the ceremony and reception was truly beautiful and made this Stonebridge Country Club Wedding a day to remember.

Venue: The Stonebridge Country Club

Cinema: The Lockharts

Florals: Jack and Rose Forists

Dress: Bridal Reflections of Massapequa