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-Luis + Michelle

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This sweet engagement session at Sayen Gardens makes us fall in love with engagement sessions all over again. View their adorable story and gorgeous pictures here!

Sayen Gardens Engagement

 Jane and Wesley are just the sweetest couple and we are thrilled that they chose us to capture their wedding day! We knew that this engagement session at Sayen Gardens was going to be amazing when they brought us the most delicious cookies from their cake tasting. Jane and Wesley are seriously two amazing individuals who care and love for each other and others deeply. We know this wedding is going to be filled with this same love.

Their engagement session at Sayen Gardens is so dreamy. The blooms at Sayen Gardens are absolutely beautiful, as well as the architecture. As we took pictures here, Jane and Wesley kept telling us how much a of gem this place was. Not many people really know about Sayen Gardens, but it is so beautiful. They have been coming to Sayen Gardens ever since they came to scout it for their engagement pictures, and is now one of their favorite places to come to.

Their Love Story

Their love story began on a crisp day in the late fall. When the leaves were all beginning to change color and succumb to the cold incoming weather. At the time, they were at separate schools. Jane was in a dual degree pharmacy/medical program and Wesley was studying electrical engineering. At the behest of her roommate, who was dating Wesley’s brother and noticed that the two had similar interests, Jane was introduced to Wesley. To no one’s surprise, Jane was not terribly interested in being “set up. However, after some heckling, Jane finally reached out to Wesley. 

Like magic, Wesley and Jane became the best of friends. Almost over night, began talking around the clock. It did not take long before Wesley was excitedly hopping on the train to meet this mystery girl. Through frosty winter nights and sweltering hot summer days, their love story has grown and matured with the seasons. They are excited to see where their story will take them.

Their First Date

Their first date was a blur. From Wesley’s perspective, the second he stepped off the train and saw how beautiful Jane was, he knew there was no turning back. Jane remembers the warmth of Wesley’s smile, his boyish charms, and the captivating look in his eyes. The minute they met, she knew he was not like any other guy she knew. What was supposed to be a simple lunch date, turned into an afternoon filled with laughter, quick. They soon began making plans to see each other again at the next possible opportunity.

The Proposal

Wesley proposed to Jane on Christmas Eve-Eve, the day before Christmas Eve. They were dressed up and getting ready to attend the Christmas Service at church with his family. They went and stopped to take a picture next to the Christmas tree. The Spadaro Christmas Tree stretched from floor to ceiling and lit up the room with it’s beautiful ornaments and sparkling tinsel, decorated by Wesley’s mom. In the middle of taking pictures, Wesley’s mom turned Jane to the side to fix her hair. As she turned back to resume taking pictures, Jane noticed that Wesley was no longer standing by her side. Instead, he had kneeled down on one knee in front of the tree with a precious box in his hands. She said yes!

The Couple

When we ask Jane, how was getting to know him, she says, “Wesley has been my best friend and I am lucky to be able to share life’s adventures with him. We often joke that he should have earned an honorary medical degree and stood on the graduation stage with me, but like most humor, it is one built on truth. His infectious smile and sunny disposition are sure to win anyone over, while his insights and sincerity are candid and refreshing. He is a loyal and genuine friend, and with his strong moral character, he stands up for what he believes in. I am truly blessed to have him as my partner for the rest of my life,”

Likewise, when we ask Wesley the same question about her her, he says, “Whenever people ask us how long we’ve been together, I often find myself surprised by the number of years that have passed. It has been so natural that the cliche expression, the time has flown by, is the only true way to do it justice. Jane is a true go-getter and is incredibly organized (and I love that about her) where I tend to be a little more lackadaisical. Her personality compliments mine wonderfully and together we make a great team! Although, I think it’s fair to say she is the better half. :)”

Engagement Session at Sayen Gardens + Wedding Plans

Jane and Wesley are two amazing individuals, if you can’t already tell by their love story and gorgeous pictures. Their engagement session at Sayen Gardens is a compliment to this. Everything this day was just so sweet, from the scenery at Sayen Gardens, to their genuine love. We are so incredibly honored to be able to capture this wedding next May at Woodcrest Country Club and know it is going to be sweet, a tear jerker, and absolutely amazing!

Location: Sayen Gardens

Photographer: The Lockharts