NYC, NJ and TX Wedding Films | Wedding Promo

We provide NYC, NJ, TX Wedding Films in order to capture their wedding day. Every wedding day in unique, let us capture yours!

NYC, NJ, TX Wedding Films

Weddings are a once in a life time event that celebrate love, life, and family. Hence, anyone who captures it, should do it with the utmost care. Here, at Luis Lockhart Studio, every time we approach a wedding, we take this to heart, and are focused on creating your love story in motion-picture and sound. Every part of the video is carefully taken and used to make you feel that day all over again. This short clip is a collection of some of our weddings, all which are unique, and come together to tell various beautiful and amazing love stories.


Our Couples

Throughout this year God has blessed us incredibly with amazing couples and opportunities. We can truly say that our couples have been great and our people who we will always share a friendship with. They truly are the reason why we do everything we do. Their love stories give life to our films and, we simply piece them together with our artistic vision. We are so excited to see the couples that lie in our future. We have already met many of them and cannot wait for what is to come.

Our Wedding Vendors

In addition to our couples, the vendors which we have had a pleasure to work with have been amazing. They truly make the wedding vision come true with their unique styles and have become colleagues, and ultimately friends in this industry. We could not do what we do without the help of these talented professionals, and that is why we always try to give credit where credit is due. This year we began doing stylized sessions, and were blown away by the great  vendors that have been willing to help us. View our Central Park Stylized Wedding Session here! The quality of their work has blown us away, as well as their generosity and helpful nature. We are so proud to be in an industry with such individuals.