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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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We absolutely love Dumbo in Brooklyn, NY and engagement sessions here are absolutely lovely! Jasmine and John’s engagement session was nonetheless gorgeous!

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The Couple

Jasmine and John are such bubbly fun people, and really complement each other well. Their sweetness and fun nature was so apparent throughout the session and made this engagement session so fun. Jasmine and John met at the age of 12, and at the time Jasmine being young, thought he was an annoying kid. However, John was smitten. Eventually they saw each other again at 16, and Jasmine was love-struck. She made the first move, and ever since they have been growing in love. Jasmine told us, “When I saw him again at 16, it was the total opposite. I made the first move and went over to my mom to ask ‘who’s that cutie?’ Getting to know John and growing up together has been amazing. It’s had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything”.  We couldn’t help but giggle and remanence on our first date when they explained that their first date was a chaperoned trip to the movies at 18. Their mother even sat right next to them!

On another note, when we asked John about Jasmine he explained, “The first time I saw Jasmine was for a youth bowling trip outing. I was smitten!   Then I met her again for a youth concert, but never really got her attention.  Finally, for her church anniversary, we traded email and AIM information. A few months later, she approached me and said, “I Love You” at a church Christmas party. I was extremely shy, so I said my mom was calling me and I left right away.  From that night, we began to speak and a few months later began dating her. We have spent many years together learning and growing.  We grew in appreciation and love for each other and, the years we spent apart, helped us to grow and appreciate what we have even more. I can’t say anymore or I won’t have vows!”


The Venue and Proposal: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Dumbo Park was the perfect venue for these two love bird’s engagement session since that’s where John proposed on November 15th. Jasmine was a little suspicious because he mentioned that his company was having a Christmas party on that date, and they had met ten years prior on November 14th. They were to meet a coworker at Dumbo and then go into the city. Jasmine explained, “It was one of the coldest days of the year as we stood between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and waited for his co-worker.  All of a sudden he began to say, “Did you know the Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883 and 26 years later the Manhattan Bridge was opened – so it took 26 years for the Brooklyn Bridge to find someone to stand next to it forever. In the same way, it took me 26 years for me to find someone to stand by my side forever.”  As he was finishing he got down on one knee and opened the ring box.  After my initial shock, mostly from the freezing cold, I said “yes!” Immediately after, instead of going to a company sponsored dinner, we went to a restaurant where my family met us and we had a great dinner.” We could not get over this beautiful fairytale proposal! This literally made us “aww” and we think incorporating Dumbo park was the perfect choice.


Stylized Session

While we loved the city and urban view Dumbo has to offer, we wanted to create a romantic picnic setting by the lawn. Amanda’s Divine Décor did a fabulous job putting everything together and included everything from champagne, strawberries, and a picnic basket to set the mood. We loved the colors of light blue that coordinated with their blush and blue outfits. The setting was truly fun and relaxed for the couple. In addition, we wanted to include Jane’s Carousel, since John proposed around it.  Amanda brought a small carousel and admission tickets that made for cute images at the location. Overall this session was fun, romantic, and gorgeous due to Amanda’s work and this sweet couple. We can’t wait for their wedding!


Venue: Dumbo Park

Styling and Coordination: Amanda’s Divine Decor