Chelsea Piers Wedding Video | New York Videographer | Jacqueline + Abdon

This anniversary celebration at Chelsea Piers in New York City reminds us why we do what we do. The love this couple has 30 years later only became stronger. You can see their sneak peek here, but make sure to grab tissues!

The Couple

Jacqueline and Abdon are a beautiful couple who have 36 years in love and celebrated their 30 years of marriage in an intimate reception in a private Yacht circling the hudson river. Overcoming all the trials and tribulations that life brings these two are a pure testament that true love always wins. They are a perfect example that you can keep the spark alive by continuing to love and to have fun. Seeing them dance and laugh the day away, you can perceive how truly they enjoy each other’s company.

Family and Friends

Jacqueline and Abdon were accompanied by their family and friends on this intimate yacht reception. Everyone that attended had impacted their lives in a special way and were witness to their love. All through the reception everyone was truly touched by the celebration.  It is amazing to see how someones love can touch so many souls! As the day progressed we were witness of all the new memories they were creating by celebrating this important milestone.

Chelsea Piers Wedding

Their anniversary was a classic affair.  Bringing back the style of mid 1900’s, it was a pure joy to see how many of their friends and family members were on board with the idea and dressed accordingly to make sure they were fit for the event. In addition to this, the decor created an environment straight out of a “Great Gatsby” scene and was extremely glamourous. We loved every detail of this event, from the signs to the wardrobes! From moment one we knew this anniversary was going to be special because it was orchestrated by one of our former couples MJ & Ronnie, who also had a fabulous wedding! You can see their wedding sneak peek here. 

Venue: Chelsea Piers

Venue: Elite Private Yachts

Entretainment: DJ Sam

Cinematography: The Lockharts