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-Luis + Michelle

We are so thrilled that you have stoped by to look at our work! We hope you love what you see! 

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Jessica and Jon’s Central Park engagement session is absolutely breathtaking. They are so much fun to work with, and the scenery compliments the old world feel they were going for. View their gorgeous pictures below.

Central Park Engagement Session

We had so much fun with Jessica and Jon during their Central Park engagement session. While we always love Central Park for engagement sessions, its’ scenery is even more so special because it complements the old world feel Jessica and Jon are going for. First we started at the Bow Bridge to take some pictures for the couple, as well as with their sweet little pup Jameson. Then, we headed to Bethesda Terrace where Jessica and Jon danced in front of the fountain. It was seriously the cutest moment ever! After that, we ended the session outside Central Park where they hailed for a cab and kissed in the middle of the street. It was just the sweetest time ever and we enjoyed every second of this Central Park engagement session.

Their Love Story

When they met, Jon and Jessica both worked at a law firm. On the night of their holiday party, a group of colleagues were going to an after party. It was a Wednesday and Jessica knew Jon had a long commute home. At the time, Jessica lived right by the office. So, not thinking anything of it, she invited him to stay over. She said “My friend is sleeping at my apartment. You are welcome to crash on the couch.” The rest is history!

Their first date was a dinner at a restaurant by Jessica’s apartment called, “Whitman and Bloom.” They ordered small plates and Jon was impressed by the amount of whiskey cocktails Jessica ordered. He knows now that it was a facade, as she is not so much of a drinker. However, he always says, he knew she was a keeper.

The Proposal

After weeks of suspicion and evenings, Jessica was SURE he was going to propose. On the morning of February 23rd (exactly one year after they ran in the Disney Princess Half Marathon together), she did NOT think it was going to be the day. They had a pretty tight schedule – shower, walk their puppy quickly and head out to Long Island to see a Zac Brown Band cover band with some friends.  

It was frigid and Jessica’s hair was still wet. Jon was so excited to show Jessica this dog park he found by the water. Right before they crossed the street, a gust of wind came over Jessica and she refused to go to the water! It was cold, she was sick and hungry and didn’t understand the impetus of going to this dog park! So, as she stomped her feet and insisted to go home, Jon had to think of a new plan quickly! 

As they walked home, and were talking about their future, he got down on one knee and said “I don’t want to wait another minute.” She was in SHOCK as they finished the walk home. Their dog, Jameson, was even wearing a bow tie! Jon told her he had a special day planned, full of places that meant something in their relationship and to be ready by noon. As they ventured out, she immediately knew where they were going – to the office where they first met! They stopped in the bar across the street for a drink, and all of their family and friends were there to celebrate them!

The Couple

When we ask Jessica how was getting to know Jon, she says, “Getting to know Jon was so much fun because of our differences. Being with him opened me up to a whole new world of experiences and interests. One thing we both have in common is living life to the fullest and I think that shined through as our relationship began. From the very beginning, we found ourselves on a crazy adventure and push each other to try new things”.

Likewise, when we ask John he responds, “When I first met Jess I was blown away to have met somebody who shared the same excitement as I have for many different things. Whether we were taking a road trip skiing to Vermont, traveling to the beaches to catch the nice weather or whitewater rafting, we had a shared interest in experiencing all that life has to offer and it felt exemplified in the presence of each other.”

Central Park Engagement + Beyond

All in all, what a beautiful couple and Central Park engagement! Not only are they truly a joy to work with, but they truly love each other. We are so excited to document their very special day at the Royalton on the Green next May! We know it is going to be amazing.

Photographer: The Lockharts

Location: Central Park