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It was the perfect fall day for Alex and Anthony’s 67 steps beach engagement session. The sky was blue and so was the water as we popped champagne and celebrated love. View more here.

A Friendship Turned Romance

Anthony and Alex’s journey started long before they became a couple. They were friends for years, sharing circles and growing closer once Alex returned home after college. Their bond grew stronger just before the pandemic hit, and during the challenging times, they evolved from friends to best friends. It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve 2020 that they both confessed their feelings and began a romantic chapter together in 2021.

The Picture-Perfect Proposal

Montauk holds a special place in Anthony and Alex’s hearts. A spontaneous trip in August was the stage for a flawless proposal. The day dawned beautifully with the sun shining and a gentle breeze in the air. After a relaxing beach day, they headed to Maverick’s for an early dinner, setting the scene for an unforgettable evening by the shore.

As they reached the beach, Anthony set up a surprise picnic. With a wine tumbler labeled ‘Miss To Mrs.,’ Alex realized the moment’s significance. As Anthony dropped to one knee, time seemed to blur into a beautiful haze, marking the beginning of their engaged life. The night wrapped in s’mores and laughter, etching memories that would last a lifetime.

Embracing Life’s Simple Pleasures Together

Their love thrives on simplicity. Anthony and Alex cherish weekends at their favorite coffee spot, sipping crafted cold brews while strolling the boardwalk with their furry companion, Thor. Family moments are treasured, whether frolicking at the beach or cozying up for movie nights.

Their ideal Friday night speaks of elegance—a fine dining experience with wine for Alex and a Manhattan for Anthony. Beyond their shared interests, they enjoy spending time with loved ones, supporting their beloved Yankees (even in a not-so-stellar season) while reveling in each other’s company.

67 Steps Beach Engagement

The 67 Steps Beach engagement session encapsulated not just their love but also their adoration for life’s uncomplicated treasures. Against the backdrop of azure skies and tranquil waters, Anthony and Alex’s story unfolds—a narrative woven with friendship, newfound love, and the joy discovered in life’s simple pleasures.

67 Steps Beach Engagement Session Vendors

Photographer: The Lockharts

Hotel/ Bar: Sound View Hotel